Miss Gazzarri’s Dance Contest December 24, 1989

Miss Gazzarri’s Dance Contest





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The late Bill Gazzarri & Lita Alpenia Miss Gazzarri’s 1989 by Gerry “G-SPOT” Gittelson Looking back on the prime era of the Sunset Strip, there was nothing better than Sunday nights at Gazzarris for the weekly Miss Gazzarri dance contest.It was a great concept – four or five top headliners playing 20-minute sets, and in-between a bunch of beautiful girls would strut their stuff to “Welcome to the Jungle” or “Smooth Up in Ya” – plus a group of VIPs would judge the winner for a $300 prize.The weekly winners would eventually compete to be Miss Gazzarri for a whole year, and their picture would be painted on the side of the club – 20 feet high.

Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Axl Rose, C.C. DeVille, Sam Kinison, Ron Jeremy. Those were some of the judges who showed up most frequently.

Rich Bartle, an ever-charismatic figure whom everyone liked, used to promote the shows – he always invited me to be a judge back in the day – and we’ve remained great friends through the years.

No surprise, he has fond memories times 10. “I absolutely loved it. It was the best job on the planet,” Bartle said. “It was a wonderful time to be me. The Miss Gazzarri contest was absolute decadence and mayhem ensuing.”

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