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A Crazy Thing That Happened to Me!

A crazy thing that happened to me recently when I was being bullied out of my lease mid way through the term because the owner decided to sell. I received no official notification until less than 30 days before closing. The realtor was dealing with my ex-boyfriend who had moved out a couple of months earlier but no one thought the tenant paying rent, me, should be in the loop. I said no way and insisted that I rightfully needed more time and assistance with such a short notice. That week the pressure and threats from the realtor, Rick Hartzler with Coldwell Banker, culminated with his full meltdown where he actually kicked in my front door and breaking the lock in a tantrum of bizarre insanity. Only a few minuets was recorded … a lot more was missed. What was recorded is pretty unbelievable as Rick accosts me and my neighbor Bobby and his family. All this in front of two of his clients that he had with him.

Basic Transcript

and you won ….
you want a full eviction is going to happen
you won Heather you
you won
hey bobby (pounding on neighbors door)
you won you canceled
won heather won
fuck you I hope you have all day
won bobby … good catholic
boy …. you won
won bobby (more pounding on the door)
…… good job
good job
good job (more pounding)
nobody calls to tell heather
good job
the deals canceled … way to go
you guys were right
heather now you got nothing
you can fuck your boyfriend in your house
with the lights off
you fucking piece of shit you lost the deal
now …. good job heather
way to go
way to go heather
you wont get anything now. You won
you can pay your attorneys
in court. All is done
the deals done … you
fucking win heather
great job …. you
fucking win heather
piece of shit when you don’t give a fuck
keep going heather
beg…. the deals gone
you fucked it up
its over …. you can fuck
her from now until hell the
eviction happens … you got plenty
attorney shit
Heather I hope you go to hell
i really do you piece of shit
where is bobby I am raising hell
and you heather …. and bill
is going to get sued too… bill
your old boyfriend your fiancee
he is going to get sued too heather
you win heather
you can fuck bobby
with his little fucking dick
he doesn’t have even a fucking 2 inch dick
heather ….. piece of shit
good job heather
the deals canceled
nice job now bobby now that you won
you guys are right heather
you know what she said out this window
he screws her
he takes electricity over there… he’s a good catholic
man OK … but he’s a piece of shit!
your a piece of shit! your whole family
your happy trained ..your happy about this
mans right … he’s a piece of garbage
he fucks her…. no your a piece of shit
give this guy a call call
besides your whole family is fucking cursed
who let your fucking pipe … your
your butt-hole’s fucking
go on you fuck you feel like your
your whole family is a piece of shit
your no good you Armenian piece of shit
all of you are
your filthy you shit filthy
i don’t give a fuck
don’t care … you piece of
PIECE OF SHIT! your Armenian
piece of shit … Your an ARMENIAN PIECE OF SHIT!
PIECE OF SHIT! … I fucking heard you
yea yea yea …Fucking hit my
you Armenian fuck… your an Armenian fuck
piece of shit … suck a whole lot of
dick .. because your a piece of shit… your a
asshole you can butt fuck her over
in the dim lights …. fuck you asshole